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"Integrity Audit Services owner Tameca Howze recently performed an audit on the county’s telephone services and presented her results to the board. Howze discovered the county was overpaying on several of its accounts, and in some instances, it was being charged for services it no longer uses.

In total, Howze’s audit will save the county $2,723.28 a month, which is a 21 percent difference between what it was previously paying. Howze said her clients most typically see around a 10 percent difference in savings.

The county will also receive $44,452.93 in credits for its phones services due to Howze’s work.

All three board members praised her for her work and Jasper County Auditor Dennis Parrott, whom Howze worked with on the project, said the county didn’t have to pay an upfront fee for the audit. He said Howze receives payment form a percentage of the savings."

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